Direction of training: Retraining of IT developers into blockchain developers.
Required base:
1. Experience in programming from 1 year.
2. Knowledge of English (Intermediate+).
Duration of training: 3 months.
Number of academic hours: 72 hours.
The official name of the course: - 
The student eventually gets: Blockchain development skills.

Study program

The blockchain development study program includes the following information:
1. Introduction.
2. Examples of blockchain projects.
3. Frontend.
4. Solidity.
5. Analysis of some smart contracts.
6. Oracles.
7. Erc20 token.
8. Loom Network.
9. Theory and practice.
10. Other nuances useful for a blockchain developer.

Half paid
200 BYN/month
Programming experience: 3+
English level: Upper-Intermediate+
Understanding the essence of the blockchain
400 BYN/month
Programming experience: 1+
English level: Intermediate+
Understanding the essence of the blockchain

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