We are open for constructive cooperation in various areas with any counterparties. Several options for cooperation are described below:

Corporate training

For organizations we offer corporate training with the following goals:
- qualification growth
- retraining of employees
- empowerment of the company features and of range of services
- expansion of benefit package
- improvement of the teamwork quality

Become a teacher

If you are experienced in your activity and wish to transfer your knowledge to others, try yourself in the teaching field at VINT School.
You can choose the directions that we already teach, and also offer your own directions of education for our consideration.

Author's courses

We offer you to train students for your needs on our platform. Such courses can be branded with the name of teachers or with the name of company/ project.
Thanks to the author's courses you can:
- quickly and inexpensively assemble your own team
- get a team that has experience of working together in advance
- increase the popularity of your brand
- improve your own skills through teaching

Turnkey IT-company creating

Together with the consulting company VINT Consult our school can provide you with the creation of an IT company on a turnkey basis. Services will include:
1. creating of idea and business model
2. market research
3. preparation of a detailed business plan (including a description of the work model, organizational structure, business processes, marketing strategy, financial plan)
4. recruitment
5. theoretical and practical staff training
6. ongoing consulting and educational support for the project

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